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MaiaSpace: Designing, manufacturing and operating competitive and sustainable solutions for space transportation.



Competitive reusable solutions

Our aim is to successfully design, test, and commercialise a cost-effective and reusable mini-launch vehicle by 2026. We are on-track to achieving our objectives by accelerating development using agile work processes from day one.

A more sustainable approach on Earth and in space

Systematic lifecycle analysis with an integrated ecodesign are fundamental to our approach to developing a reusable launch capability, able not only to deploy but also to provide in-orbit servicing.

Leading development of a European mini-launcher

MaiaSpace is a European space tech company, providing flexible and compelling solutions, based on technological advance and innovation, contributing to European access and sovereignty in space.

Space for earth


Access to space services

Operating the first European reusable and configurable mini-launcher, addressing current and future market needs, we offer competitive and flexible launch services precision-matched to customer requirements for Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) or more energetic orbits.

Any orbital

from 0 to 100°

SSO perf

Reusable 500KG

Expendable 1,500KG

2025 First flight
2026 First recovery
Space Services
Maia Space rocket
Maia Space rocket

Solutions for space mobility

Mission partner

Competitive and cost-effective solutions for space mobility include deployment of an optional final kick-stage, Colibri, which enables positioning of multiple satellite payloads into orbit whilst increasing launcher performance.

Reducing our footprint

One up, One down plus In-Orbit Servicing

As well as placing new payloads into orbit we can remove retired satellites, thereby freeing-up orbits and addressing the growing challenge of space debris.

Prometheus ® Engine

Next-generation European engine

The Prometheus® engine, manufactured by ArianeGroup and fuelled by liquid Bio-Methane and liquid Oxygen, offers a cost-effective and eco- responsible solution for propulsion.

Reusable first stage

a requirement

From Day One, MaiaSpace included recovery and reuse of the main rocket stage within the initial design concept, the business-model and the company operating philosophy. Accelerated and agile development of existing scalable and more sustainable technologies will contribute to a more sustainable approach for the future space economy.

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About us

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MaiaSpace started in 2019 as ArianeWorks, a tactical development team assigned by CNES and ArianeGroup to reinvent and transform the way that the legacy European- based space industry was innovating.We spent years of incubation work, developing tailormade methods and processes for accelerated agile improvement, testing new technologies, launching new partnerships, and supporting smallsat and space mobility providers.

The result is a strongly held common belief : by using the best of both worlds, combining start-up disruptive agility with proven legacy excellence, we ensure space becomes a major enabler for a better and more sustainable life on Earth. Today, MaiaSpace leverages European technical know-how through a unique combination of expertise, experience and talent from a diverse industrial, professional and cultural background with the single aim of providing affordable, innovative and more sustainable space mobility solutions.

We are actively recruiting achievers and believers out there who would like to join our mission, current or potential “rocket scientists” that share our vision and our values and are ready to roll-their sleeves up, hands-on, and help get things done to achieve our aim. We are looking for talent that aims high, is passionate about technology, and wants to be part of a team transforming the potential of space, serving changing market needs, whilst contributing to a better and more sustainable life on Earth.