for earth

MaiaSpace provides competitive, innovative and sustainable space
transportation solutions.



Be the European small launch leader

by providing flexible and compelling solutions, as such contributing to European sovereignty

Minimize impact on the space environment

through flexible and compelling solutions, that will contribute to European sovereignty

Lower impact on the Earth environment

through methodological lifecycle thinking and an integrated ecodesign since day one

Space for earth


The finest access to space services

Operating the first European Reusable mini launcher, we provide cost competitive and flexible orbital launch services to small satellite customers

Any orbital

from 0 to 100°

SSO perf

Reusable 500KG

Expendable 1,500KG

2025 First flight
2026 First recovery
Space Services
Maia Space rocket
Maia Space rocket

in space mobility

Your best ally
in outer space

Colibri kickstage will deliver your payloads precisely and quickly where you need.

Reducing our footprint

One up, One down

Beyond policies for minimizing environmental impacts resulting from our activities on Earth, we aim at removing space debris from orbit as part of regular launch service missions. Hence fostering and contributing to a sustainable approach for the future space economy.

Prometheus ® Engine

New generation European engine

Fuelled by liquid Bio-Methane and Liquid Oxygen, Prometheus ® ArianeGroup engine is a cost effective and sustainable engine.

Reusable first stage

is a must

Since Day 1 MaiaSpace included recovering and reusing the main rocket stage in its conceptual design, economic model and company philosophy. There is no need for a redevelopment effort or awaiting the next generation: European rocket reusability will be a reality with MaiaSpace.

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About us

Rocket Scientists looking forward

Our story started in 2019 as ArianeWorks, a commando team mandated by CNES and ArianeGroup to reinvent the way the legacy European space industry was innovating. We spent years of incubation work, developing our tailormade agile improvement method, testing innovative technologies, creating dozens of new partnerships, supporting smallsat and space mobility businesses. The result is a strong common belief: to ensure space becomes a major enabler for a better and more sustainable life on Earth, the solution is not to oppose, but to cultivate the best of start-up agility and legacy excellence. The answer is MaiaSpace.

Today is just the end of the beginning, MaiaSpace leverages European technical assets through a unique combination of complementary expertise, experience and talents coming from a diverse industry, cultural and professional background with one focus: provide affordable, innovative and sustainable space mobility solutions.

We are looking for additional achievers and believers – talents who share our vision and values and are ready to help accomplish our mission. Are you passionate? Do you want to unleash the potential of space for a better and more sustainable life on Earth, rather than turning humanity into an interplanetary species? Then join the team and contribute to the development of the space industry through an eco-responsible and reusable launch and in-orbit service system. Write with us the next chapter!